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This method is very simple and doesn't need any special knowledge. You don't even need the thing called "luck" here. It's a math and if you can count to 100, you will be able to do this. Repeating mathematical pattern is a guaranteed way to deceive casino and make a lot of money. Don't be afraid and try this miracle completely
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Player's stories

Peter - “I made enough to buy a house"

I have been often betting on sport matches for many years and try my luck where I can. But from the time I discovered online roulette and realised it really works, I am betting just for fun. I am finishing the works on my new house and I can say I would probably never earn so much money without roulette. Thank you.

Favourite casino: Unibet
The highest prize in 24 hours: €4 810

Michael, Stuttgart - "€140 a day is enough for me"

Friend told me to play roulette, because he was very happy with it. In the beginning I was sceptical, but when I understood the method that is in work here, it was clear to me, that this is the right way. I play roulette regularly and make about €140 a day in average.

Favourite: Unibet
The highest prize in 24 hours: €208

Judy - "Bwin is the best!"

I have been wondering for quite a long time where my brother earned his money for the new bike, xbox and his summer trip with his friends to Spain, and in winter to France. When I finally got it out of him, he explained it to me. I tried roulette to, cautiously at first, it was very tempting then and now I have my dream car :) It's really easy.

Favourite casino: Bwin
The highest prize in 24 hours: €2 604

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Online roulette all you need to know

Glossary of terms

American roulette - has 38 field, because it includes 2 zeros. One 0 and one double 0. This roulette is inconvenient for players.
French roulette - a roulette with a single 0 applying the rule of La Partage
European roulette - classic kind of roulette with a single zero
Event - betting on a color or odd/even or high/low
Free spin - a chance to spin the roulette without needing to bet. This is convenient with the safe method - spinning unitil the right color comes and then betting on the opposite one
La partage - if 0 comes, you get half of the Event bet. This applies only for the French roulette.
Street - a row of numbers next to each other - 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 and so on
Bonus - the amount of money you get to your deposit. It ranges from 50% to 200%.
WR - Wager requirements - the number which determinates how many times you have to turn the bonus over to be able to withdraw it.
Chip - coin with a certain value, it can be from €0.1 to €100

Roulette rules

The rules of roulette are divede into 3 basic - rules of the American, French and European roulette. European roulette doesn't have any specialities apart from American and French one. The American one has two zeros (a 0 and a 00). That is not convenient for players, because there is a 2x the probability that a zero will come. In the French roulette there is a very interesting thing going on, because when you bet on a color, odd/even or high/low, half of the bet will return to you (or else you would lose the whole bet).

Rules and options of betting

Precise bet
Betting on numbers and 0. In the case you win, you get 36 times the Sázka na čísla i na 0. V případě trefy vyhráváte 36 násobek vsazení částky.

Combined bet
The option to bet on numbers next to each other - the chip will lie on the line between them. You will get 16x the bet amount in the case you win.

Betting on three numbers (street), Betting on the street
Betting on 3 numbers in one row. You place the chip on the outer line of the row of 3 numbers. In the case you win you get 12x the bet.

Betting on four numbers (square or corner)
You can bet on 4 neighboring numbers by placing the chip on the corner of a field, so it lies on 4 numbers. If you win, you get 9x the bet amount.

Betting on six numbers
This bet covers two streets, so there are 6 different numbers in two rows of three numbers each. The chip will be placed to the closest outline of roulette table, in the point of intersection with the line dividing the two rows. You can win 3 the money bet.

Betting on twelve numbers
In this case you bet on a whole column of numbers. In the case you win you get 3x the bet amount.

Betting on a dozen (dozen)
You can bet on the first third (numbers 1-12), the second third (numbers 13–24) or the third one (numbers 25–36). You can win 3 times the bet amount.

Even bet - Betting Red or Black, Even or Odd, High or Low
The chance is 50/50. IF you win, you get 2x the bet amount. Our system stands on this betting option.

To play roulette is very easy, because casinos are completely translated to different languages, playing is intuitive and easy to grasp on.

Guide it is realy simple

€50 in one hour

Guide on how to deceive the roulette

This is the way that helps you create a clear system. You only need morale and persistence and you don't have to do anything else than to play the roulette hour a day and you will have €1,500 a month. If you are wondering why casinos don't do anything about it - there is a simple answer - they can't. That would be against the law. In a normal casino, you would perform this system only with troubles because there would soon be people in suits and would show you the way out of the casino. But they can't do that online. That's the whole trick :)

Mathematical formula

I choose for example the black color, on which I will bet. We will explain hereinafter.

Guaranteeed win
Won €8
Total bet €7
Profit €1

Bet €1 on black
Red came, you lost €1

Bet the double (€2) on black
The red rolls up again, you lost €2

Bet again on double the previous bet (€4) on black
You finally hit black and win double the bet

Your prize is €8
After winning repeat the system again

If you sum the outcome, you see you bet: 1+2+4 = €7, but the prize is €8.
You always win what you bet in the beginning

Now you are ready to try the online roulette for free, right in the casino, but for virtual money. This way, you can get this under your skin.
When you are ready to play with real money, look at the options of depositing money to your account.

It is only up to you with which bet amount you want to start. But we strongly recommend to start with €1 in the beginning, because the amount can rise quickly by multiplying...

Cool guys make up to €400 a day by this

FAQ frequently asked questions

Is playing in an online casino safe?
Completely! There are thousands of players playing in the internet casino and it is controled by several independent institutions. We never experienced a casino not wanting or being able to pay out the money.

Can't the roulette get manipulated?
It can't. Casino is a subject to laws and controls, so such actions would result in losing the license. If you really have doubts, we recommend to try the revolutionary LIVE casino. Here you play with real crupiers over a webcam. Everything is live, so there is no manipulation possible.

Why does the casino tolerate it?
You are asking, why not everyone does this, when it's to simple and tolerated by casinos? Basicly because it's not a foul play, but a simple mathematical formula. The roulette is defective. Noone can telll you what you can or can't bet. This is the undeniable advantage of internet casino, because you would've been taken out of real casino, if the "luck" was on your side for too long :)

Can I deposit money by a bank transfer?
Yes, Unibet casino and Expekt casino have their accounts at the bank in your country, so if you have the account in the same bank, your money will be transfered instantly and if you are at a different bank, then the money will be received the next day, but for local fees, not the international.

bwin casino

Casinos Choose a fitting casino

Minimal bet
Very important factor, for beginners it is ideal to start from €0.1. The prizes are less, and it takes a longer time, but using this way you make your first money and than you can bet from €1 and you will have the certainity your bank is enough to cover eventual long series.

Fast spin
If there is no fast spin in the casino, you will wait for the game 15 seconds before the wheel stops and the ball finds its place. With fast spin it only takes one second, which is good in strategy where you are expecting a certain combination. By such you can spin the roulette 20 times in 20 seconds, which wouldn't be possible without fast spin function.

Free spin
This is needed in combination with fast spin to, for example, when you bet only after a color comes several times in a row and then you start betting. This is the safest way.

Playing with virtual money
Do you want to practive, try? Do it only with virtual money. For example the Unibet casino will give you €5000 in virtual money and you can bet and try our method. When you are sure that the system works, deposit real money, receive bonus and you can start making the money.

Live roulette
This novelty is being applied by another casinos. The first was Unibet and practically it means that you face a real dealer, whom you can see on a webcam and you bet in real time as if you were in a casino. It's worth a try, but forget the Free spins or Fast spins.



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Popular casino with support in your language and high prizes. When playing in this casino we never had problem, all was in order and even when we won more than €2000 in a day, the casino didn't disconnect us "due to technical difficulties"


Founded: 1997
Bonus for players: 100% of deposit up to €100
Bet: from €0.1
Fast spin: yes
Free spin: yes
Play with virtual money: yes
Live Casino: yes

Support: 800 700 015
used software: Net Entertainment

safety: transactions of the Unibet casino
are controled by the independent fgc company Deloitte and Touch

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Popular casino with support in your language and high prizes. When playing in this casino we never had problem, all was in order and even when we won more than €2000 in a day, the casino didn't disconnect us "due to technical difficulties"


Founded: 1999
Bonus for players: 100% of the deposit up to €200
Bet: from €1
Fast spin: yes
Free spin: yes
Playing with virtual money: yes
Live Casino: no

Support: 00350 200 774 98
used software: Net Entertainment

safety: by a scandinavian company Jadestone Networks

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Well-known European professional betting office

Popular casino with support in your language and high prizes. When playing in this casino we never had problem, all was in order and even when we won more than €2000 in a day, the casino didn't disconnect us "due to technical difficulties"


Founded: 2002
Bonus for players: 100% of deposit up to €100
Bet: from €0.1
Fast spin: yes
Free spin: yes
Play with virtual money: yes
Live Casino: yes

Support: +356 22 60 31 00
used software: Net Entertainment

license: licence published by the office of Lotteries and Gaming
Authority of Malta: LGA/CL1/183/2004

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Your stories which inspired us

Do you want to know how to be really successful at the roulette?

My name is Tom and I would like to share my playing experience with you. They are not shady techniques, I just play roulette for a long time and I experienced both successes and fails. I don't even know, how I first got to play this awesome game, it is really a long time. However, when I started playing I already knew I'd never stop.

Roulette even ruined few of my relationships. That was however my fault, not fault of the game. Few years ago I dedicated almost all day to playing and neglected any of my girlfriends. If you have a precious person, don't leave him in the second place. On the other hand, roulette is more loyal than women. But they have one in common - both women and roulette can rob everything from you :D But that's another story. I would like to write a few lines about how to play correctly and what you should look out for.

The ideal place to play the roulette is not a real casino building, but the Net. You may think whatever you want, but playing on the Net is much better in many respects. At home you won't be disturbed by as many factors, you have as much time to think as you want and you can also perform complete records. In real casino you can't really lay out several sheets of paper and there is not too much time to decide between individual spins. Many internet casinos allow free spins, so you can decide whether you want to bet or not.

Play always using the roulette system and never bet headlessly. You migh win once, twice or thrice, then you will lose everything. If you follow the roulette systems, always set a limit. It is very important and there is no point in playing without it. Only the player which can really say no, be it after he loses the respective amount or after he wins, can be the called the real player. It is no bravery to lose everything due to risky bets. That can be done by every blockhead.

Losing is natural and you have to put up with that, because it will happen. when you use roulette systems, you decrease the probability of such thing happening quite a lot and you will always be in the black. Never play when you are drunk or tired. At roulette your brain must be working on three hundred percent. Only the player which uses all his senses can win.

And now something to roulette systems. There are simple systems like Martingale and its derivations. Practically, only the waiting variations are working. If there is red or any other attribute ten times in a row, you will be sure to bet on the black. Don't be surprised when it doesn't work on the fifteenth time. It is quite a small probability, but with the great number of spins you will have played, it is quite possible. Getting struck by a lighting is much less probable and yet it happens.

Roulette systems should be combinated and you should switch between several methods. Basically, use the behavior of the roulette. I hope I helped you at least a little bit.

Wishing you many winning spins,


Eur 50 per hour
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